Tuesday 20 December 2022

Know more about studying abroad in Germany

According to the Ministry of External Affairs of India’s, last year reports, over 11,33,749 Indian students are currently studying abroad. According to the statistics presented in the report, Indian students chose to further their education in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. An estimate of the given number revealed that roughly three out of every four students choose the top three leading study-abroad destinations. Aside from traditional study-abroad destinations like Germany and the United Kingdom, countries like New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and France have seen a significant increase in the number of Indian students enrolling.

Germany has recently become a magnet for international students from all over the world. Let us look at some of the reasons why students choose to study in this wonderful country. Germany is a higher education hotspot. In Germany, unlike any other country, there are many world-ranked universities, numerous courses to choose from, and globally valued degrees that promise high employability and low living costs. For these reasons, many Indian students prefer to study abroad in Germany. 

Furthermore, Germany has a long and rich history, as well as a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle that combines the modern and the classics, the urban and the rural, that will immerse you and make you love every second spent here. Unsurprisingly, Germany is one of the top international student destinations in the world. According to the most recent official statistics, over 357,000 foreign students are pursuing a university degree in Germany, and the number is steadily increasing. Every year, thousands of scholars from all over the world entrust their education to German universities for obvious reasons. The various scholarships and education programs sometimes help students to study in Germany for free. 

Germany has a large number of universities and offers a wide range of degree programs to suit everyone's interests. Germany, as an industrialized country, has made significant investments in engineering universities, and engineering programs are now highly valued at German universities. However, these universities offer many more study programs, and some of them are world leaders in fields such as medicine and pharmacy. According to German law, international students are permitted to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week or 120 full days per year. More than 60% of current international students are estimated to work part-time while studying in Germany. You don't need a qualification in the first place because there are many jobs available and you will most likely find something. Students in Germany commonly work as tutors, bartenders, administrative staff, babysitters, and so on. Working part-time while studying is an option you should seriously consider in Germany, even if you don't need extra money to cover living expenses or your course does not include a placement year. Your work experience may help you in the future. This is one of the major attractions to choose study in Germany for Indian students.

For numerous reasons, students from different parts of the world like to study abroad in Germany which is an excellent choice for everyone who aspires to foreign education and Exprenza acts here as the best bridge between Indian students and foreign education.


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