Monday 9 May 2022

OSPAP Courses in UK

For those who are in search for a recognised qualification for pharmacists outside the European Economic Area (EEA) looking to become registered pharmacists in the UK, the OSPAP Course is designed for them. After you complete the postgraduate diploma (PGDip) of OSPAP course, you will be eligible to apply for registration as a pharmacist in the UK. The option of studying further and earning an MSc is available.
OSPAP course Requirements
The OSPAP courses in UK can be accessed only after you have applied for entry into the GPhC ( who regulate pharmacists, pharmacy, technicians and pharmacies in Great Britain) and passed their adjudication process, which requires you to show your qualifications and English language skills (for example, your OET, IELTS score). GPhC must be contacted directly with any issues concerning the adjudication process and for that Exprenza will guide you through out the process. You will be requested to choose a preferred institution where you wish to study OSPAP course when you apply to the GPhC, so be sure that you have undertaken research to determine which university and course best suits you (don't worry, you are allowed to choose more than one!). After you have filled out your form, the GPhC will send it to the institutions and research groups that you have indicated you would prefer to be assessed by. Under the supervision of a tutor, trainees spend at least 52 weeks in a GPhC approved training site, developing their practice to meet a range of performance standards. Their progress is guided by and verified by their tutor, using progress reviews. Once you have successfully completed an OSPAP course in UK, 52 weeks of pre-registration training, and the registration assessment, you are eligible to apply to register with us as a pharmacist. You will need to apply through the my GPhC online system. You must apply to be registered within four years of the date you start your OSPAP courses in UK. OSPAP courses fee in UK varies in each universities from 13500 GBP to 16000 GBP. You will be able to register and practice as a UK qualified pharmacist after completing the OSPAP, and successfully completing the pre-registration pharmacist training year and the GPhC registration assessment. This will allow you to work in a variety of settings (including community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, industrial or academic establishments), undertaking a wide range of challenging activities.

Career and Salary after completing the OSPAP Course
Following completion of the OSPAP postgraduate diploma, students can enrol in pre-registration training, which is the next phase of training. You must successfully complete a 52 week pre-registration position and pass the General Pharmaceutical Council’s (GPhC) registration assessment before being allowed to apply to join the register and practise as a pharmacist in the UK. An entry-level pharmacist usually starts within Band 5 of the NHS pay rates (up to around £28,000). Advanced pharmacists, consultants, team managers and managers of pharmaceutical services are rated as Bands 8-9 and can earn up to £99,000. Typical starting salaries for community pharmacists range from £21,000 to £35,000 depending on location, conditions of employment and experience.
OSPAP Courses in UK Universities
    • • Aston University
      • University of Brighton
      • University of Hertfordshire
      • Kingston University
      • University of Sunderland
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