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Nursing bridging course in Malta

Nursing bridging course in Malta

Malta College of Arts Science and Technology (MCAST) is the country’s leading vocational and training institution established in 2001, providing universally accessible professional education promising to meet the international standards. The institutes in Malta along with the Gozo Campus offers about 185 full-time and over 300 part-time vocational courses ranging from MQF level 1 to Level 6.

The institutes which make up MCAST:

  • Institute of applied sciences
  • Institute of creative arts
  • Institute of Engineering and Transport
  • Institute of business management and commerce
  • Institute of community services
  • Institute of information and communication technology
  • Gozo Campus


The students who have left formal schooling without any formal qualifications are offered with Level 1 and 2 Foundation Programme by MCAST. The aim of these programs is to help the students achieve a minimum of vocational education Level 3. Level 4 courses are for those students who wish to either enter the technician level employment or to attain a higher degree level. To achieve a first-degree level 5 and level 6 courses are recommended.

For the programs to be more flexible, relevant, and responsive to the needs of individuals and the growth of evolving industries, MCAST is always keen on developing and strengthening its structure.


  • Skill- Based Education

The education system of MCAST focuses both on the academics as well as the skill levels of an individual. Since the industry employment fields are developing faster beyond imagination, MCAST trains the students beyond the classroom walls carving them to be responsible, enthusiastic individuals with strong social values.

  • Global Recognition

The rate of universal acceptance of MCAST increases rapidly after each academic year. MCAST, following a diverse range of qualifications, accepts the English language as the medium and the students are perfectly guided towards their field of interests.

  • E-learning Sessions

MCAST also provides an online platform for the students. Its objective is to provide an online solution to the individuals for a more flexible approach to the lectures and modules provided along with a series of short sessions including face-to-face training and e-learning.

  • Extracurriculars

MCAST also helps students to carve their social and intellectual life via a variety of activities such as sports, cultural events, and other fun activities including competitions and events in national and international levels.

  • Promising Career

MCAST has its own workshops, laboratories, and in-real work settings for the training program and is the greatest advantage of all. Also, the campus conducts placements and apprenticeships for the deserving students once they complete their training. International student exchange programs and direct training with the leading industries help the students to develop their confidence, teamwork, and communication skills.


Tuition Fee: 1 Year Program

5400-6700 EURO

Tuition Fee: 2 Year Program

6500-8500 EURO

Tuition Fee: 3 Year Program

10000-19500 EURO

Tuition Fee: 4 Year Program

26000 EURO

Application Fees

150-200 EURO


250-350 EURO Per Month


135-250 EURO Per Month


21 EURO Per Month

 NOTE: Fees will vary. Always check the exact cost of the program and bear in mind likely additional expenses.


Applicants should provide evidence of proficiency in the English Language. The minimum test scores required are:


IELTS SCORE (Minimum Requirements)

Level 5 and Below Programs

Overall 5.5

Level 6 Programs

Overall 6

Level 7 Programs

Overall 6.5

For More information check the official page of The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology,