Wednesday 21 July 2021

Study in the UK, Teesside university advanced placement courses


Advanced Placement Courses in Teesside University

Study in Teesside university with attractive scholarships

Advanced placement courses are created by the College Board, which are standardized and far more appropriate than general courses and also include curriculum and examinations for high school students. It also provides students the chance to earn college credit and placement. 

AP Classes are like basic principles to the college courses. Students can appear for AP exams without taking classes. Tests evaluated on the score of 1 - 5 . If a student scores either a three or above, grants a passing score. AP exams are conducting each year in May. It requires two to three hours to complete the test. 

Teesside University offers a plethora of AP courses which includes engineering, forensic science, project management, food science and biotechnology, visual communication, design, environmental management, microbiology, oil and gas management, electrical power and energy systems, crime intelligence, and data analytics, etc 

Teesside University offers a wide range of scholarships based on merit and ranges up to 2000 pounds. Besides this, If a student enrolling in a 2-year master's degree, paying the average tuition fee of £7,500 a year, the student will be entitled to a £500 discount only if pay your fee before enrolment in the first year of academics.

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