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Best Nutrition Courses in the UK


Best Nutrition Courses in the UK
Nutrition is a broad-based course that covers areas of Dietetics and Nutrition like food science, human nutrition, human physiology, food service management, resource management, food microbiology, food standard and much more. Nutrition is directly related to diet and health. Diet, nutrition, food and health have never been discussed so much in our lives and media as it is today. There are many health issues attributed to poor diet and nutrition. For example, the wrong food can lead to a lack of energy, weight gain, digestive problems and contribute to depression and anxiety. That's why there is a growing awareness of nutrition and a demand for good advice and qualified Nutritional Therapists.

Reasons to consider studying Nutrition

  • You should definitely choose a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics , if you have a passion for food.
  • Specialists in the field of nutrition are needed everywhere, it means that they can go everywhere. In addition, business trips and outings are frequent in this area.
  • To take your passion for good foods and healthy living to the next level.

Top Universities for Bachelor's and Master's in Nutrition Courses in the UK

SL noCourseUniversityDurationTuition feeProgramme
1 BSc (Hons) Nutrition,   Exercise and HealthUniversity of West London    3 years£12,500Bachelor’s
2 BSc (Hons) Nutrition,   Exercise and HealthUniversity of Sunderland    3 years£12,500Bachelor’s
3 BSc (Hons) NutritionLeeds Beckett University      3 years£13,000Bachelor’s
4 BSc (Hons) Nutrition University of Hertfordshire      3 years £13,450 Bachelor's
5 BSc (Hons) Nutrition De Montfort University      3 years £14,750 Bachelor's 
6 MSc public Health   Nutrition University of Chester   1 year £12,950 Master's 
7 MSc Global Public Health   Nutrition University of Westminster   1 year £14,000 Master's 
8 MSc Nutritional ScienceNorthumbria University Newcastle   1 year£16,000 Master's 
9 MSc Human NutritionManchester Metropolitan University  1 year £16,500 Master's 
10 MSc Public Health     Nutrition Coventry University  1 year £16,600 Master's 
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