Monday, 29 March 2021

Can i immigrate to Canada as a nurse

can i immigrate to canada as a nurse

Immigration to Canada as a nurse can be possible through different immigration programs which are offered by Federal or Provincial immigration programs.

If you satisfy all the requirements then you can apply as a foreign nurse under the federal skilled worker program. Applicant must submit an express entry profile to a pool of applicants. Based on factors such as education, age, work experience, and language skills you will receive a CRS score. Candidates who score the highest rank are selected from the pool of applications regularly and receive the invitation to apply for permanent residence. 

Processing time after you receive an invitation to apply is approximately six months and there is no fee for entering the express entry pool.

Provincial Nominee Program is another possible immigration option for nurses. Most of the PNP streams are outlined to fill skill worker shortages in the province and are intended to welcome skilled workers with expertise in occupations for which there is a huge demand in the province based on their skilled shortage list. 

Nova scotia nominee program, one of Canada's provincial nominee programs which target the nurses in their occupation list. Quebec skilled worker program is also another option for nurses who wish to settle in Canada. 

To work as a nurse in Canada, all foreign qualified nurses must achieve their registration in Canada by assessing their credentials, reviewing their previous experience, and finally, meet Canada’s licensing requirements.



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