Tuesday 6 October 2020

List of Universities in Italy with Scholarships- Guide for Study in Italy for international students

Study in Italy with Scholarships from India

"From the dome of St. Peter’s one can see every notable object in Rome… He can see a panorama that is varied, extensive, beautiful to the eye, and more illustrious in history than any other in Europe.”
-Mark Twain, American Writer

Top reasons to Study in Italy.?

Italy is a predominant destination for International students from worldwide because of many factors. European education has a big influence from Italy because of the significant role in the reform of EU higher education through the Bologna process. 

There is no point in which place you are choosing to study in Italy whether its a city or town you are going to experience an incredible culture, delicious Italian foods and big opportunity to explore yourself in Italian arts and the popular Mediterranean lifestyle. If you like to explore through history, surely Rome will excite you with many popular monuments and stories. Students have countless opportunities remaining to explore the waterways and beauty of Venice to the peaceful beaches of Bari and discover new trend of fashions which originates from Milan and Florence.

Home for top ranking public and private universities

The University of Bologna is one the very oldest university in western Europe which was found in 1088 and it is the oldest university in the Western world. There are many other universities in Italy which also have a remarkable legacy in terms of education. Universities like,

  1. Polytechnic University of Milan 
  2. University of Bologna
  3. Sapienza University of Rome
  4. University of Padua 
  5. Polytechnic University of Turin
  6. University of Milan
  7. University of Pisa
  8. Tor Vergata University of Rome
  9. University of L'Aquila
Lowest tuition fees or study with scholarships

This is the most attractive point for international students who come from non-EU countries like India. Italy provides a vast kind of scholarships for international students in the form of tuition fees discounts, free accommodation etc. It depends on each university and their admission committee. As also you know the university lowest fees in Italy which vary from 850€-1500€ which helps the students also to study in a low budget.  There are also many other kinds of regional scholarships which also offers a good amount of living cost to international students depends on their family income and other criteria. They are,
and many more Scholarships programs depends on the student merit and financial situation. 

English Taught Programs

International students can study their subjects in the English Language which gives the students international exposure and chance to study their favourites subjects without learning the local languages. There are many unique bachelor and master degree study programs in Italy which offer internships in the European Space Agency, BMW, Ferrari etc. International students can also work part-time in Italy while doing their studies which also helps the students to earn more experience and additional income.

"Eatly- taste a different kind of dishes

Italy is popular for a variety of foods especially "Pizza" is one of the most popular food worldwide among the people since the 18th century after it found in Naples, Italy. There are many other dishes in Italy which still Italy claims it as their own food items.

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