Best Universities and Colleges in Canada- Admission open for February 2021

  Courses Open for January 2021- Canada Following institutions are accepting applications for January 2021. Students who are interested to study in Canada can choose any of the following institutions for their higher studies in Canada.  Exprenza  will also help the student to choose the best courses as per their previous education and experience.  As per the new travel advise by  CIC  students can attend maximum up to 50% of classes online. The students will receive AIP can start to attend the classes online. Universities and colleges in Canada now accepting admissions for January 2021 and students can now travel to Canada if they satisfy all the travel criteria. Seneca College George Brown College Lambton College Dalhousie University Kwantlen Polytechnic University University of Winnipeg Niagara College York University Sheridan College Vancouver Island University Saskatchewan Polytechnic College Matrix College Northern College at Timmins Norquest College Confederation College Thompson

Study in Vancouver- Colleges in British Columbia, Canada

  Vancouver Community College Vancouver Community College (VCC) located in the centre of the city,  which offers academic, cultural, and social environments that inspire relevant real-world training. More than 15000 thousand students with an annual budget of $105million which helps the VCC to play an important role in post secondary education in British columbia. On-campus facilities -   gourmet restaurants  an auto shop  salon and spa VCC offers Diploma, Degree and Certificate programs with an eligibility of  Post graduate work permit  (PGWP).  It is also designated learning institute with the DLI number ( O19279717512) List of Programs available with  Vancouer Community College  (VCC) Diploma Programs for 2021 Automotive Collision and Refinishing Diploma Automotive service Technology Diploma Cosmetology Diploma Culinary Art Diploma Heavy Mechanical Technology Diploma CAD & BIM Technology Diploma Computer System Technology Diploma Electronics Repair Technology Diploma Hospitality

List of Universities in Italy with Scholarships- Guide for Study in Italy for international students

Study in Italy with Scholarships from India "From the dome of St. Peter’s one can see every notable object in  Rome … He can see a panorama that is varied, extensive, beautiful to the eye, and more illustrious in history than any other in Europe.” - Mark Twain,  American Writer Top reasons to Study in Italy.? Italy is a predominant destination for International students from worldwide because of many factors.  European education has a big influence from Italy because of the significant role in the reform of EU higher education through the Bologna process.  There is no point in which place you are choosing to study in Italy whether its a city or town you are going to experience an incredible culture,  delicious Italian foods and big opportunity to explore yourself in Italian arts and the popular Mediterranean lifestyle. If you like to explore through history, surely Rome will excite you with many popular monuments and stories. Students have countless opportunities remaining to expl

UK New Student Rule Change

   The Student route and Child Student route will open on 5 October 2020 to the best and brightest international students from across the globe. There will be no restriction on the number of students worldwide who can go to higher studies in the UK. This will assist with expanding the all outnumber of worldwide students deciding to concentrate in the UK advanced education framework every year to 600,000 by 2030, as set out in the International Education Strategy distributed in March 2019. The new Student route improves on the previous Tier 4 route by making it more streamlined for sponsoring institutions and their students, creating clearer pathways for students, and ensuring the UK remains competitive in a changing global education market. Students will need a total of 70 points to be awarded leave. They will achieve the required points if they can prove that they have an offer from an accredited educational institution, speak English and are able to establish themselves during their

Study in UK without IELTS for Indian Students

  Admissions to the UK without IELTS The UK Universities provides international students with an opportunity to study at top-ranking universities in the UK without having IELTS. Some other universities also even not considering the minimum required marks for your studies in Britain. But you must satisfy a few things before your application. Here we are describing to you how you can study in the UK without IELTS.? Before that, we must know what are the types of language tests and how it applies.? The Popular language test is called IELTS (  International English Language Testing System ) which check an applicants capacity to use English skills by evaluating their following skills. Listening Speaking Reading Writing Another popular test is called  TOEFL This test has 4 sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. Throughout the test, you should complete tasks that combine those 4  English language  skills, such as: read, listen and then speak in reply to a topic listen and then s

Silesian University - Best Technical University in Poland

  Study in Poland with Silesian University of Technology The  Silesian University of Technology is one of the prestigious and top  ranking technical university in Europe which performs different kind of research in Science and engineering subjects.  University produces high quality of skilled workers through the high quality of teaching which helps the society to boost the economy with the best workers.  University's important research areas are, 1. Computational oncology and personalized medicine 2. Artificial intelligence and data processing 3. Materials of the future 4. Smart cities and future mobility 5. Process automation and Industry 6. Climate and environmental protection, modern energy Silesian university has 13 faculties which offer more 50 study programs in different specialisations. University is providing the following courses for February 2021.  List of Programs are, MSc Automation and Robotics – Integrated Manufacturing Systems (under the patronage of Balluff compan

Admissions are open now for the following courses in Poland Sep 2020

  University: Silesian University of Technology Deadline: 18.10.2020 MSc Architecture Master, full-time, 1,5 years/ 3 semesters Study language: EnglishTuition fee: €2,200 per semester Civil Engineering Master, full-time, 1,5 years / 3 semesters Study language: English    Tuition fee: €2,100 per semester Management Master,    full-time, 2 years / 4 semesters Study language: English    Tuition fee: €1,170 per semester Management and Production Engineering - Production and Logistic Systems in Industrial Enterprises- Master full-time, 1,5 years / 3 semesters Study language: English   Tuition fee: €1,170 per semester Biomedical Engineering - Information systems in medicine Bachelor,   full-time, 3,5 years / 7 semesters Study language: English Tuition fee: €1,500 per semester Biotechnology Bachelor, full-time,   3,5 years/ 7 semesters Study language: English   Tuition fee: €1,500 per semester Circular Economy Bachelor, full-time, 3,5 years / 7 semesters   Study language: English   Tuition fe